I’m from Honey Mask 120g | Moisturizing mask for dry skin

Real Honey to make your skin supple and smooth.


I’m from Honey Mask 120g

Pro Tip: use the brush to dip into the honey mask. Scoop a moderate amount, ensuring the brush isn’t overloaded to avoid dripping. Use the flexible brush head to spread the honey mask evenly across the face, ensuring all areas are covered. Enjoy the soothing and hydrating benefits of your honey mask!

Experience the power of Real Natural honey 38.7% ! Does not dry up your skin. You can leave it on skin more than 20 ~ 30 mins.

Experiencing dry, flaky skin? Treat yourself to a luxurious spa like home facial with the I’m from honey mask. Enriched with 38.7% real honey sourced from jirisan. This mask wash off is unique unlike other masks that tends to dry your skin after was off, honey mask keeps your skin moisturised even after wash off and provides instant relief to itchy, tight and dry skin. Honey mask is truly designed to supply nutrients to sensitive, dry and irritated skin & hydrates the skin like none other.

Powerful all-in-one effects

The mask targets dry, flaky skin & provides instant relief to itchy, tight, dry skin, soothes sunburn, dryness from acne medication, and winter related dryness It’s super gentle, easy to apply and spread, comes with a clean applicator.

Note: Product seperation may happen during trasportation, which is normal, mix it well before using the product to get full experience.

Exp Date: – 20.02.2025

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